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Filled with newly developed BOSS technology, the DD-500 is the most powerful and versatile stompbox delay Boss has ever created. This incredible sound-creation toolbox offers 12 distinctive delay modes with exceptional audio quality, plus deep editing controls, a graphic display, patch memories, MIDI, and much more. From basic echo to dead-on emulations of classic delays to incredibly lush spatial textures that take your breath away, the DD-500 will launch your music places you never thought possible.

dd_500_top_mainIn the track above all sound is recorded with the DD-500. (except drums and bass tracks.)
DD-500 delay modes and functions used in the track.
1. Dual (Analog Mod) 00:00
2. Dual (Tape) 00:14
3. Tera Echo (on the E-Bow melody) 00:29
4. Analog (with Warp control) 00:43
5. Vintage Digital SDE-3000 (hard panned) 00:51
6. Pattern (with Roll control) 01:13
7. Pattern (with Twist control) 01:42

See the DD-500 Digital Delay at the Melbourne Guitar Show

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