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Ledges is a three-mode reverb with the ability to save and recall six presets and user-assignable expression control with loads of customisable options. From classic, standard reverb tones to undiscovered sonic reaches, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted and needed out of a reverb.

The three switchable modes each deliver a unique blend of reverb but are connected through a spectrum where the Room (R) reverb’s longest setting is the Hall (H) reverb’s shortest setting, the Hall reverb’s longest setting is the Plate’s (P) shortest setting, and the Plate’s longest setting just keeps on going. The Room setting at its shortest achieves a small, boxy room sound that gradually gets bigger as you turn it up. As you increase the Hall setting, it morphs into a Cathedrals-style reverb that becomes really big, boomy and echoey with distant reflections. Turn up the Plate setting to get bouncy reflections that recycle and reverberate forever. Ledges can go from an ‘80s slapback reverb mix to a bigger room spring reverb with the twist of the dials. The Mix knob lets you control how much your signal is affected, while the Length knob controls the size of the reverb. The Damping knob subtly mutes the high-frequency reflections of the reverb, which you’ll hear clearly by adjusting your gain.

In addition, there are six Presets available. Simply select a number with the switchable knob and then engage the Save on the centre button and dial in your perfect sound. A quick Recall on the same button and you have all of your personalised reverb sounds with a single tap. You can assign an expression pedal to each of the three controls and then save it all in the presets.

• Three-mode reverb with six presets and user-assignable expression control

• Mix, Length, and Damping knobs dial in the sound in each of the 3 modes

• Mode R: Room, Mode H: Hall, Mode P: Plate

• Two global operating modes which are indicated by the colour of the Save/Recall switch:

• Green = Live Mode, Red = Preset Mode, Buffered bypass with tails

• Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch Technology

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