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Epiphone_PRO1-group-shotAs seen at AMAC this year, Epiphone has released four new groundbreaking acoustic guitars fitted with innovative features that simplify playing and tuning. At last, someone is seriously thinking about the beginners! The PRO-1 Acoustic Collection was designed by Epiphone luthiers in consultation with professionals from every musical genre. More than just “student” guitars, the PRO-1 guitars are the first in a new line of totally “pro” instruments that merge classic styling with new features that make the instruments easy to play from the very first note.
Oftentimes beginner guitarists complain that playing “hurts their fingers,” or they “can’t keep the guitar in tune.” To remedy such frustrations, Epiphone completely rethought the process of building a great guitar from top to bottom. The result, the PRO-1 Acoustic Collection, delivers instruments ready to be played right away, eliminating the long “breaking in” period that used to make learning to play difficult. “All of us at Epiphone are guitar players and we thought it was time that novice players have an excellent, affordable instrument they can learn on and still want to keep as they improve their skills,” observes Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg. For more information about the PRO-1 Acoustic Collection,

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