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There are very few guitars out there that are as famous as Eddie Van Halen’s favourite 6-string sidekick, lovingly known as “Frankenstein.” It’s the guitar most associated with Eddie Van Halen through his career and is one of the most iconic electric guitars in modern history.

Today, EVH launched the Frankenstein Series, a civilian variant of Eddie Van Halen’s iconic red, black, and white Frankenstrat guitar — complete with a worn-in relic’d finish. The Frankenstrat guitar was Eddie’s attempt to combine the sound of a classic single-cut solid body guitar with the physical attributes and tremolo bar functionality of a Fender Stratocaster.

Standout specs include:
• Eddie’s Famed Frankenstein Pickup Mods: Takes cues from the Red, Black and White Striped Frankenstein model that has HSS open cavity appearance and direct mount bridge humbucker, 5-way switch housed in middle pickup cavity and a “dummy” neck pickup with phenolic red bobbin. Easter egg is that the neck pickup installed on this model can be wired into the circuit. The original pickup in Eddie’s guitar was nonfunctional and “dead”.
• Direct Mount EVH Wolfgang Pickup: This pickup was designed after 40+ years of artist expertise in their search for the “perfect” tone. Alnico 2 Magnets are one of the secrets to the recipe.
• EVH Branded Floyd Rose Trem, Nut, and D-Tuna: “Tried, Tested and Approved” Stamped of approval with his initials, including the patented D-Tuna. Stay in tune while doing all note acrobatics and flick the D-Tuna with ease to go from E to D, in an instant.
• Relic Aesthetic and “Feel”: Our Ensenada factory producing these instruments has the most experience out of any factory in the world on the relic process. The instrument feels like it’s been around the world and played a million shows. Broken in will give you the feeling of a favorite pair of jeans or baseball mitt.
• Heel-Mount Truss Rod Adjustment: Truss rod spoke wheel is easily accessible

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