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Riff and dive bomb like Eddie with the new limited edition Star

The limited edition EVH Star is a modern interpretation of (although not quite a re-creation of) one of the guitars that Eddie Van Halen used to attain the early Van Halen sound. Experience resonant tone, sustain, and crunch thanks to a basswood body and single EVH Wolfgang humbucker. Fire off cool stutter effects with the momentary kill switch. Outfitted with a comfortable maple neck and fast-playing ebony compound-radius fingerboard, blasting our pummeling riffs or lightning licks has never been easier. Beyond that, a top-mounted Floyd Rose tremolo with D Tuna yields massive sustain, also allowing you to dive bomb and shift to a Drop D tuning on the fly. The EVH Ltd Ed Star is teeming with classic Van Halen vibe, but most importantly, it provides killer tone and lightning-fast playability.

• Color Matte Army Drab
• Model 5108007520
• Series Star
• Australia $2,399.00 AU RRP

• Color Primer Gray
• Model 5108007525
• Series Star
• Australia $2,399.00 AU RRP

• Color Stealth Black
• Model 5108007568
• Series Star
• Australia $2,399.00 AU RRP

• Color Stealth Black
• Model 5108007569
• Series Star
•Australia $2,399.00 AU RRP


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