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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Stratocaster® guitar, an unrivaled and iconic masterpiece from the visionary portfolio of founder, Leo Fender. What distinguishes the Stratocaster® is not just its remarkable pedigree, but its capacity to transcend genre, skill levels, and any qualifying parameter. Beloved by enthusiasts with even a passing interest in music, the Stratocaster® holds a special place in the hearts of collectors, seasoned professionals, and dedicated fans who revere this famed model.

To commemorate this remarkable milestone, Fender’s year-long celebration goes beyond mere nostalgia. It encompasses the release of seven new models, each meticulously designed to pay homage to the Stratocaster® guitars’ enduring legacy. These models, featuring two existing classics adorned in the Stratocaster® guitars famous 2-Colour Sunburst finish and five limited edition anniversary models, symbolize Fender’s commitment to innovation, acknowledging the evolving musical landscape and mission to inspire the next generation of players, ensuring the Stratocaster® guitars influence continues to resonate for years to come.

In 1954, the iconic Fender Stratocaster® burst onto the scene, leaving an indelible mark that would forever transform the musical landscape. Today, seven decades later, Fender reflects on the enduring impact of this legendary instrument, one that has played a central role in the creation of countless classics across genres globally. Upon its introduction, the instrument was heralded for its barrier-breaking design—this was the first electric guitar to not overtly mimic the shape and structure of older hollowbody jazz-style electrics. In addition to the Stratocaster® guitars’ bold aesthetic choices, both the three-pickup setup and user-friendly tremolo bridge were seen as revolutionary steps forward in electric guitar manufacturing. It became immediately apparent that this instrument was setting a new precedent, however things were just getting started. In the late 1960s, a musician by the name of Jimi Hendrix arrived on the scene. Besides his otherworldly stage presence, songwriting, and guitar-playing abilities, his signature was a classic off-white Stratocaster® that seemed to hardly ever leave his side. Hendrix’s affinity for the Stratocaster® elevated the instrument to new heights, witnessing players across all genres favoring the lightweight, single-coil outfitted guitar over the more conventional dual-humbucker guitars. Since then, the Stratocaster® has graced the stage alongside icons among the likes of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Bonnie Raitt, Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck, Juanes, Kurt Cobain, John Frusciante, H.E.R., Steve Lacy, and scores more.

“One of the fascinating nuances about Jimi was that his guitars weren’t just instruments to him, but extensions of him…part of his persona.  He communicated a different vibe through each guitar and that’s what made him select certain instruments for certain songs,” said Janie Hendrix. “It was about the mood and feelings he wanted to evoke. When he picked up his Stratocaster®, strap yourself in, because he’s going to take you on a wild, free ride.  If you listen to songs from Are You Experienced you feel the electricity of his Strat® that he played in live performances, bringing that unmistakable surge created by Jimi through that extension of himself. It’s a thrilling thing to see and hear.”

“As a teenager, the Stratocaster® was the guitar of my dreams. The artists that inspired me to play, Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, David Gilmour and others, all played Stratocaster® guitars on landmark albums I listened to endlessly then and now,” said FMIC CEO, Andy Mooney. “After 70 years, the Stratocaster® guitar is the electric guitar most often played by today’s artists, on stage, in studio and at home. Our goal with the Anniversary collection is to celebrate players at every level, from beginner to virtuoso and recognize the far-reaching impact of this very special instrument.”

Marking the “Year of the Stratocaster®” in its 70th anniversary, Fender proudly unveils a celebration highlighting the rich legacy of this favoured instrument known as being “Forever Ahead of Its Time.” The campaign will not only showcase various content pieces, from hero films to compelling stories, but will also emphasise how these elements highlight the wide breadth of influence the Strat® has had on artists and players across genres, regions, and generations, all of whom have played pivotal roles in shaping its enduring impact on music history. Players and fans alike can expect a fully integrated global initiative, engaging, activating, and expanding relationships with the modern player—Fender’s commitment to staying “Forever Ahead of Its Time” in the dynamic world of music.


“Voodoo Child: Forever Ahead of Its Time” Hero Film: A crescendo of visual poetry ensues as a roster of extraordinary artists deliver their own unique rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” – a powerful testament to the Stratocaster® guitar enduring significance as a musical pioneer and the perfect homage to one of its most legendary riffs. The set design itself is a nod to Jimi’s infamous Live In Maui performance, further amplifying the homage to the Stratocaster® guitars iconic history. With featured talents such as Mateus Asato, Tyler Bryant, Rebecca Lovell, Tom Morello, Simon Neil, Ari O’Neal, REI, Nile Rodgers, Tash Sultana and Jimmie Vaughan, this celebration not only pays homage to the past but serves as a compelling force propelling the Stratocaster® boldly into the future, reaffirming its position as a timeless innovator in the world of music.

“Strat® Sessions”: In a captivating blend of conversation and performance, ‘Strat® Sessions’ will illuminate the vibrant community of musicians harnessing the Strat® to propel music into uncharted territories. The format, spanning approximately 7-10 minutes with curated channel cutdowns, aims to capture the essence of each artist’s unique connection with the iconic instrument. Featured artists are the dynamic talents of Buddy Guy featuring Christone “Kingfish” Ingram—who Fender is honoured to include in this harmonious celebration of the Strat’s enduring influence.

“Strat® Stories”:  Will feature a series that unveils the untold stories behind legendary Strat® guitars that ignited groundbreaking musical moments. Presented from the artist’s perspective, each episode delves into the intimate narratives behind their recognisable guitars, such as Billy Gibbons’ “A Gift from Jimi,” Nile Rodgers’ “The Hitmaker” from down under. This series promises an immersive journey into the heart of musical history, uncovering the profound connections between artists and their cherished Stratocaster® guitars.

“Icons of the Strat®”: Fender’s “Icons of the Strat®” portrait series celebrates 70 years of the Stratocaster® by honoring some of the most legendary Strat® players in history — and the instruments that made them so well-known. From Buddy Holly on Ed Sullivan to Hendrix’s sacrifice and David Gilmour’s Black Strat®, to Bonnie Raitt’s beloved 1969 Stratocaster® and George Harrison’s one-of-a-kind Rocky — these are the icons that changed the world.

“Show Us Your Strat®”: Embarking on the “Year of the Stratocaster®” in its 70th anniversary, Fender will introduce a 3 month-long giveaway celebration titled “Show Us Your Strat®.” This unique campaign invites our community to share their personal Strat® stories for a chance to win one of seventy 70th Anniversary Stratocaster® guitars or the grand prize of crafting their dream Custom Shop Strat®. More than just a giveaway, “Show Us Your Strat®” is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Stratocaster®, bringing players together to celebrate their musical journeys and the timeless impact of this first-class instrument. Fans are encouraged to join the festivities and make their mark in the history of the Stratocaster®. April 22-June 22 will feature 8 weeks of giveaway and the final winner will be selected late June.  Participating regions include: United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and Australia.

“I got my Stratocaster in 1973 when I realised that it was what my sound was missing, and once I did…it changed my life 1000%,” Rodgers said. “I have been able to write the jazz influenced dance-disco funk pop songs that people have loved for decades as well as rock, country, folk and EDM collaborations thanks to my Strat.”


To honour the celebration, Fender is unveiling a new line of 70th Anniversary Stratocaster® models, only available for purchase in 2024. The celebration kicked off earlier this year with new anniversary 2-Colour Sunburst offerings for the Player Stratocaster® and American Professional II Stratocaster®. Both models preserve the model’s classic look and tone while also providing cutting edge features and modern flourishes that cater to today’s player:

The Player Stratocaster® in Limited Anniversary 2-colour sunburst which features a maple neck with a 9.5” rosewood fingerboard and a modern “C” profile while three Single Coil Strat® pickups deliver crystal clear, bell-like tones that suit any genre.

The American Professional II Stratocaster® in Limited Anniversary 2-colour sunburst which sports the popular Deep “C” neck with smooth rolled fingerboard edges, “Super-Natural” satin finish and sculpted neck heel for a supremely comfortable feel and easy access to the upper register while V-Mod II Stratocaster® single-coil pickups retain a bell-like chime and warmth.


Fender is also releasing five 70th Anniversary Stratocaster® models showcasing the rich heritage and legendary tones that have made the Stratocaster® an unrivaled icon. Vintage purists and progressive players seeking cutting-edge features alike will find a model in the 70th Anniversary Stratocaster® Collection that will deliver:

The 70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster® features a dazzling Nebula Noir finish along with a modern “C”-profile maple neck, 9.5” radius rosewood fingerboard and Pure Vintage ‘59 Single-Coil Strat® pickups that offer rich, articulate tones perfect for any genre.

The 70th Anniversary American Professional II Stratocaster® exudes elegance and class with a stunning Comet Burst finish. Standout features include a deep “C”-neck with smooth rolled fingerboard edges, sculpted neck heel that provides a comfortable feel and easy access to the upper register, and 70th Anniversary V-Mod II single-coil Strat® pickups that deliver dynamic and expressive tones.

The 70th Anniversary Vintera® II Antigua Stratocaster® features an iconic Antigua finish with a hand painted matching pickguard. This model has a “U” shape maple neck based on a classic ‘70s profile, 7.25” radius rosewood fingerboard with vintage-tall frets, and a trio of 70th Anniversary Vintage-Style ‘70s Single-Coil Strat® pickups that deliver the perfect blend of warmth and bite.

The 70th Anniversary American Vintage II 1954 Stratocaster® in 2-Colour Sunburst radiates vintage charm with a 7.25” radius fingerboard equipped with vintage frets and 70th Anniversary 1954 Single-Coil Strat® pickups that conjure authentic tones that sparkle and bark. Also featured is a single-ply pickguard with period correct pickup covers, switch tip and knobs.

The 70th Anniversary American Ultra Stratocaster® HSS is an incredible sight to behold with its pearly iridescent Amethyst finish. The unique “Modern D” neck profile with Ultra rolled fingerboard edges, speedy 10”-14” compound-radius fingerboard and 22 medium-jumbo frets allow for effortless playability, along with the 70th Anniversary Ultra NoiselessTM Strat® pickups and 70th Anniversary Ultra Quadra TapTM Humbucker that provide endless tonal possibilities.


In addition, the Fender Custom Shop is unveiling a limited-edition collection that celebrates the rich heritage and legacy of this remarkable instrument. Crafted by the most talented artisans in the industry, these guitars epitomize excellence, seamlessly merging innovation with Fender’s storied heritage. Numerous models in this lineup offer customization options through the network of Custom Shop Showcase dealers, empowering players to personalize their instruments according to their unique preferences.

•  The Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Stratocaster® contains distinctively elevated features from the golden era of the Stratocaster®. Its two-piece select alder body delivers lively resonance and well-balanced tone and is decked out in gold hardware as well as an NOS lacquer finished striking Bright Sapphire Metallic.

The Limited Edition 70th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster® wears a gorgeous Wide Fade Two-Colour Sunburst lacquer finish and features a number of Custom Shop treatments with varying degrees of wear including Time Capsule, NOS, Deluxe Closet Classic, Relic®, Journeyman Relic®, Heavy Relic® and Super Heavy Relic. Its two-piece select ash body (with offset seam on the treble side) resonates with singing highs, sweet midrange and tight lows.

The Limited Edition Fat 1954 Stratocaster® Relic® with Closet Classic Hardware has a two-piece select ash body that resonates with singing highs, sweet midrange and tight lows, clad in a ravishing Relic® lacquer finish in Wide Fade Two-Colour Sunburst, Aged White Blonde, Aged Black and Super-Faded Aged Surf Green, and features slightly oxidized Closet Classic hardware for an authentically worn-in look.

The Limited Edition 1954 Roasted Stratocaster® Journeyman Relic® wears a sensational Journeyman Relic® lacquer finish in Wide Fade Chocolate Two-Colour Sunburst, Natural Blonde, ’55 Desert Tan, Aged Black, Cimarron Red and Aged Desert Sand. The two-piece select ash body (with offset seam on the treble side) resonates with singing highs, sweet midrange and tight lows.

The Limited Edition 1954 Hardtail Stratocaster® DLX Closet Classic contains a two-piece select ash body (with offset seam on the treble side) produces lively resonance with singing highs, sweet midrange and tight lows, with sparkling gold hardware and wrapped in a gorgeous Deluxe Closet Classic lacquer finish in Two-Colour Sunburst, Dirty White Blonde, Super/Super Faded Aged Shell Pink, India Ivory and Faded Aged Canary Yellow.

“These 70th Anniversary models encapsulate everything that a player, whether beginner or seasoned veteran, seeks in a Stratocaster®,” said Justin Norvell EVP of Product, FMIC. “Recognising the Strat® guitars history as more than just a guitar but as a tool for progress and sonic exploration, we equally prioritise the inclusion of features tailored to meet the player’s evolving needs. This blend of tradition and innovation not only celebrates the rich heritage of the Stratocaster® but also signifies our ongoing commitment to being the torchbearer in the evolution of this beloved guitar—a responsibility we hold with the utmost reverence and dedication.”

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