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In 2018, the Parallel Universe Collection spliced the DNA of Fender’s notable guitar and bass models to create new instruments that were truly out of this world. There was the Strat-Tele Hybrid, the Whiteguard Strat and the ’51 Telecaster PJ Bass, just to name a few of these mind-bending creations.

Announced earlier this year, Fender has further explored the boundaries of space and time with the Alternate Reality Series, a limited-edition run of models where multiple Fender design clues are mixed and matched within a single instrument.

“The Alternate Reality Series continues our recent tradition of creating limited runs of uniquely compelling guitars with interesting body styles and tonal configurations,” said Fender Vice President of Electric Guitars, Basses and Amplifiers Max Gutnik. “We look forward to players of all genres and backgrounds making music as inspired and imaginative as the instruments themselves.”

The latest release in the series (which began with the Powercaster in March) is the The Electric XII, designed for performance with dual split-coil pickups, a special 12-string hardtail bridge and a three-position pickup selector, this jangly offset will definitely get attention onstage.

Watch as Eugene Edwards (Guitarist for Dwight Yokam) walks us through the exciting features of the Electric XII from the Alternate Reality Series. Learn more here:

And here’s a video we shot at Winter NAMM 2019 in January with Fender’s Allen Abbassi, in which he talks us through the full range of the 2019 Alternate reality series

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