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Today, Fender revealed the next evolution of their vintage-style electric guitars and basses with Vintera II Series. Building on the success of the original Vintera series launched in 2019, Vintera II offers players a chance to embrace the vintage essence and sound of Fender’s iconic instruments from the “golden age” of sound, while remaining adaptable for modern compositions.

The updated series – which features three new rare models including the 70s Mustang, 70s Telecaster Deluxe, and 60s Bass VI  – comes during a time when people are demanding accessibility in their technology, without losing the comfort, simplicity and nostalgia of retro styles and sounds.

In an effort to continuously meet consumers’ changing needs and interests, the Vintera II Series, will boast the following four defining features:
• Era-correct neck shapes that feel worn in with a super-comfortable feel, reminiscent ofFender’s most classic neck shapes
• Vintage-voiced pickups that perfectly nail the sound of decades past
• Custom colors  that have made Fender guitars instantly recognizable
• All-new models including the Bass VI, Telecaster Deluxe with Tremolo, and a maple-neck Jaguar, offering something for even the most seasoned collector

Vintage style for the modern era. Introducing the Vintera II Series: era-correct classics and cult faves from the 50s, 60s & 70s.

Vintera II models include
• Vintera II ‘50s Stratocaster®
• Vintera II ‘60s Stratocaster®
• Vintera II ‘70s Stratocaster®
• Vintera II ‘50s Nocaster®
• Vintera II ‘60s Telecaster®
• Vintera II ‘60s Thinline Telecaster®
• Vintera II ‘50s Jazzmaster®
• Vintera II ‘70s Jaguar®
• Vintera II ‘70s Telecaster Deluxe®
• Vintera II ‘70s Mustang®
• Vintera II ‘60s Bass IV
• Vintera II ‘70s Mustang Bass®
• Vintera II ‘70s Telecaster Bass®
• Vintera II ‘50s Precision Bass®
• Vintera II ‘60s Precision Bass®
• Vintera II ‘60s Jazz Bass®

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