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Festivus, Crimbus, Christmas, Holiday Season, call it what you want but don’t go through it without treating you or your friends and family to some end of year musical delights. Life is increasingly testing for musicians and they’re sensitive souls, give them a little love and encouragement and let them know we appreciate their creative pursuits. The folks at Fender know what we’re talking about and have prepared a wonderful gift guide to help you choose the right package, particularly for the picky pluckers among us. Here are some Gift Guide highlights to mull over.

For the new learners: Fender Play (from $31.99 AUD/month or $239.99 AUD/year)
For those that want to pick up a new musical skill over the holidays, Fender Play has you covered. A complete online learning platform for guitar, bass and ukulele with engaging step-by-step tutorials, with personalized learning journeys and 100s of songs to choose from. Join the Fender community where you can watch live lessons and chat with other players plus, subscriptions come with 10% off Fender guitars, amps and gear.

For the fans: Artist Accessories, including Picks, Guitar Straps and more ($13.00-$75.00 AUD)
Fans of artists such as Tom Delonge, George Harrison, John 5, MonoNeon and more are sorted this holiday season with a range of Fender artist accessories collaborations that capture the style and charisma of globally renowned musicians.

For the Xmas Fans: Shop the Fender Ugly Christmas Range ($40.00-$135.00 AUD)
The ultimate gift for the player with everything is the Fender Ugly Christmas range. Choose from Guitar Straps, Banies or Jumpers that will make the guitar player in your life ooze Christmas spirit these holidays. They need to be seen to be believed!

For the pedal-heads: Hammertone ($149.00-$179.00 AUD)
Mixing simple interfaces and design features with iconic Fender tone, Fender’s new Hammertone Effects Pedals are demystifying, accessible and innovative all at once. With a selection of nine Hammertone pedals to choose from – including Distortion, Reverb, Chorus and Space Delay – they’re a must have on any music fanatic’s wish list. For the die hard metal players to rock or even soul, there truly is a Hammertone pedal for everyone.

For the ‘always on the go’ rocker: Mustang Micro ($225.00 AUD)
The Mustang Micro is the ultimate personal guitar amplifier that allows you to keep rocking whether you’re at home or on the road, with a wide selection of tones available from the wildly popular Mustang series amps. Plug Mustang Micro directly into your guitar, connect your favorite wired headphones, and choose your perfect amp and effect settings. Affordable and functional, this is a must-have gift for any player.

For the Player: Player Plus Stratocaster ($1,999.00 AUD)
The Player Plus Stratocaster boasts classic Fender style, advanced features, and stunning new finishes. It is the perfect tool to spark your creativity and stand out from the crowd. This guitar will light up the eyes of any intermediate player looking to step up their instrument on Christmas day.

 See the rest of all the gifts in the Fender guide HERE

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