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Have you had a guitar, bass, keyboard or drum kit stashed away in the closet or garage and haven’t played it for years? Maybe you’ve never been a musician but always wanted to play in a band? Maybe you know someone who falls into one of those categories and can’t think what to get them for Christmas? Easy fixed! Buy them a Weekend Warriors experience gift card. Give them their rock ‘n’ roll dream for Christmas!

What is Weekend Warriors?

Weekend Warriors is a music making program overseen by the Australian Music Association and run through musical instrument stores nationwide, whereby you get together with other music-loving people and form a band.

How does it work?

Step 1: Register your interest onlineĀ

Step 2: When a program is beginning at a store near you, we’ll notify you

Step 3: You’ll come to the initial free jam day where you will be warmly welcomed, meet some like-minded people from all walks of life, be placed in a band, jam out some easy-to-play songs on quality gear which is supplied by the store. The coach will be an experienced Australian musician, who you will more than likely know from their years of stage and recording experience. For example, a few of the current coaches in various states include; Bob Spencer (Skyhooks, The Angels), Dai Pritchard (Rose Tattoo), Paul Christie (Mondo Rock, Party Boys), Kerrie Jacobson (Dragon) and many others.

Step 4: If you enjoyed the jam and want to go though with the program, you’ll pay the fee and come to the first rehearsal. With your new band mates, you’ll choose a band name and the songs you want to play. Then for one night a week, over the period of month you’ll learn the songs under the supervision of the experienced Weekend Warriors coach.

Step 5: Everything you have been doing and learning over the past month comes together at the Big Gig, where your band will perform the songs live (usually between 6-8 songs) in front of friends, family and the public at a quality venue. The name brand instruments, PA system and staging is all supplied for you. You’ll have the time of your life and live your rock n roll dream!

Buy a Weekend Warriors Experience Gift card now!

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