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After Gretsch Night in NYC and the release of “The Round Badge Stories,” Gretsch is keeping festivities rolling with the Gretsch 140th Collection. This line includes the 140th Anniversary Drum Kit (4- and 5-piece configurations) and the 140th Anniversary Snare Drum. These collectible instruments include extras and are limited to 70 units of each kit, and 140 units of each snare.

In 1883, Friedrich Gretsch opened his small music shop in Brooklyn, N.Y., making drums, banjos, and tambourines. No one expected his business on Middleton Street to become one of the most respected drum companies in the world. Now 140 years later, Gretsch Drums are among the most iconic in the history of music.

To celebrate the  140th anniversary, Gretsch is proud to present the Limited Edition Gretsch 140th Anniversary drum kit. Each one of these kits is painstakingly constructed to honour the rich Gretsch legacy and offer drummers a collectible piece of Gretsch history that admirers will remember for years to come.

The 140th limited edition kit features a 6 ply maple/poplar/gum hybrid shell finished in Ebony Stardust gloss lacquer. Nickel-plated hardware completes this one-of-a-kind kit and adds to its visual beauty. Each kit includes a set of custom-designed drum bags and a certificate of authenticity signed by Fred Gretsch and the factory artisans who built them.

To ensure each of these drum sets remains special, production will be limited to 70 kits of each configuration.

GH-J484-140TH: 8 x 12” mounted tom, 14 x 14” floor toms, 14 x 18″ kick drum, and a 5 x 14” snare

GH-E6256-140TH: 7 x 10”, 8 x 12” mounted toms, 14 x 16” floor tom, 16 x 22″ kick drum, and a 6.5 x 14” snare

140th snare


To further celebrate our double platinum anniversary, Gretsch introduces the commemorative 140th Anniversary Snare Drum. The core of this 7×14” snare drum consists of the legendary USA Custom Gretsch Formula maple/gum shell with an outer veneer of figured Ash replacing the original maple outer ply.

Finished in a natural gloss lacquer, each snare is complimented with nickel plated hardware, and a Micro Sensitive throw-off. Each snare drum arrives with a custom snare bag and certificate of authenticity signed by Fred Gretsch and the factory craftsmen who built each one of these stunning snare drums. Production of these unique collector’s items will be limited to 140 drums.

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