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Ibanez has announced updated signature models for Polyphia’s Tim Henson and Scott LePage.

Ibanez TOD10 Tim Henson Signature Electric Guitar in Classic Silver
Tim Henson’s TOD10 features an American basswood body, roasted maple neck (AZ oval C shape), ebony fretboard with the Tree of Death inlay, and it’s loaded with a set of Tim Henson’s Fishman Fluence pickups. Tim’s signature Fishman Fluence pickups span the entire range of aggressive lead and rhythm tones to the cleanest of clean single coil combinations, even touching on sounds Tim was previously only able to produce with his acoustic guitars. NeckPickup Voice 1: Thick and smooth neck humbucker / Voice 2: Hyper-clean, nylon string surrogate/ Voice 3: Tim’s fluid neck single coil Bridge Pickup Voice 1: Based on Fishman’s hot-rodded Classic voice, the quintessential lead tone of generation / Voice 2: Combination of Tim’s favorite bridge humbuckers / Voice 3: Tim’s ideal single coil combination tone when used in conjunction with neck coil. Another noteworthy feature is the T1502 tremolo bridge features steel saddles and a die-cast zinc tremolo block for a quick response and improved articulation. The 10.5mm string spacing allows for easy picking across strings and its snap-in construction makes it easy to load a tremolo arm.
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Ibanez KRYS10 Scott LePage Signature Electric Guitar in Gold
Scott’s newest Ibanez signature features many of the same specs as Henson’s TOD10, but his 24-fret shredder has an ash body and LePage’s own set of Fishman pickups. Scott’s customFishman® FluenceTM pickups span the entire range of aggressive lead and rhythm tones to vintage single coil combinations. Neck Pickup Voice 1 (Vintage PAF): The ideal, elusive PAF neck tone with the dynamics and output level you want. / Voice 2 (Clear, airy chime): A Fluence-exclusive neck tone, with unreal highs, vocal midrange, and tight lows. / Voice 3 (Clear, Vintage Single Coil) Bridge Pickup Voice 1 (Vintage PAF): The ideal, calibrated vintage PAF bridge humbucker tone at the perfect output level. / Voice 2 (Classic Hot Rod): The quintessential hot rodded bridge humbucker tone without all the baggage. / Voice 3 (Slightly Overwound SingleCoil).
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Ibanez Guitars distributed in Australia by Australis Music Group.

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