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Greg Fryer Brian May Red Special replica guitar, Greg Fryer Brian May Deacy Amp replica and Fryer Treble Booster pedals.

GREG FRYER is an internationally respected builder and restorer of high end guitars, amps and pedals. Beginning in the 80s as a repairer of gear for leading Australian touring acts such as Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel and even overseas bands such as Pink Floyd, Greg built a reputation as a guy with an eye for detail. His custom built guitars came to the attention of musicians nationwide when he created handmade Strat style guitars for legendary Australian guitarist Ian Moss.

However, Greg Fryer’s main claim to fame is his association with Queen guitarist Brian May. In 1996-97 Greg famously made 3 replica guitars for Brian May, which were replicas of his legendary home made Red Special guitar. Through his work on the Red Special replicas, Brian then asked Greg to replicate the small Deacy Amp he’d been using. Fryer went on to build 3 Vox AC30 amps for May and also created a range of Brian May signature Treble Booster guitar pedals.

Shaun and Greg

In between making boat sails for the marine industry, Greg has continued to make pedals under his own name and has this year entered into a collaboration with Melbourne-based pedal builder Shaun Klinger.

SHAUN KLINGER is also a fine restorer and builder of custom pedals and a talented guitarist and recording and performing artist. He’s currently teching for King Canyon’s Zeppelin Unledded shows and has just returned from Memphis, playing with Bill Barber and The Holding Cell at the International Blues Challenge. Shaun also plays with guitar-based band Riding Northbound. Shaun is celebrated for his custom pedals such as the Klinger MK1 & 2 and Klinger Fuzz pedals.

Greg Fryer and Shun Klinger now join forces to create the Fryer range of Treble Boosters including the Treble Booster Touring (red), Treble Booster Super (blue) and Treble Booster Deluxe (purple). Soon they will extend production to a foot-switchable Treble Booster Special and a pedal approximation of Brian May’s Deacy Amp.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips sat down with both acclaimed guitar gear builders Greg Fryer and Shaun Klinger at Brett Kingman’s home studio to discuss their careers and their new partnership. Brett Kingman also presented a pedal demo for us.

Greg Fryer, Brett Kingman, Shaun Klinger


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