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Today, nearly one year after the launch of the American Series Soloist SL3, Jackson® marks the next chapter in the brand’s investment in American-made guitars with the launch of the American Series VirtuosoTM guitar. A high octane instrument, built upon Jackson’s legacy and designed to suit the modern player’s need to blur genre lines and push sonic boundaries, the Virtuoso expands the success of the American Series platform, embracing the brand’s Californian origins while prioritizing the diverse sonic needs of its players.

(2022) American Series Soloist, Riviera Blue

The American Series Virtuoso embodies the spirit of musical exploration and commemorates the limitless creativity within the metal genre. Thanks to an ambitious younger generation of players, sub-genres are rapidly gaining momentum and the very fabric of metal has become fluid. Alongside this genre-wide refresh, metal has seen itself thrust into the forefront of popular music at large over the past decade—and Jackson has been there every step of the way. Whether it was Bring me the Horizon  joining Ed Sheehan on stage at the BRIT Awards or Jackson guitars studding the stage during last year’s Super Bowl Halftime show, heavy metal no longer exists only on the fringes of culture. This new found array of sounds and opportunities thrives at the crossroads of the Virtuoso, showcasing how it paves the way for a diverse range of musicians to embrace metal and its transformative potential.

American Series Virtuoso, Mystic Blue 4

“The Virtuoso represents the next evolution of Jackson guitars. We combined the essence of our heritage with cutting-edge innovations to empower musicians of all styles, from legacy shredders to new age innovators and everyone in between,” said Jon Romanowski, Vice President of Product, Jackson. “Coming off of the momentum of the Soloist SL3, the Virtuoso offers something different, not just in profile, but in playability. The HH pickup configuration features a Seymour Duncan® JB™ TB-4 humbucking bridge pickup that roars with hot-rodded attitude and a powerful low end, while the Seymour Duncan® ‘59™ SH-1N neck pickup radiates with glassy treble tone and scooped mids that perform well across a multitude of genres. This allows players alike to utilize the guitar in new and different ways, supporting continuous creativity and exploration.”    

American Series Virtuoso, Specific Ocean 4

The Virtuoso ($1,949.99-$1,999.99 USD, €2,299.00 EUR, £1,999.00 GBP,  $3,299.00-$3,399.00 AUD, ¥396,000 JPY) delivers an impressive combination through its build, which starts with an alder body featuring a contoured “hand-shake” heel to ensure ergonomic comfort during long sets. The HH pickup configuration features a Seymour Duncan® JB™ TB-4 humbucking bridge pickup that roars with hot-rodded attitude and a powerful low end, while the Seymour Duncan® ‘59™ SH-1N neck pickup radiates with glassy treble tone and scooped mids that perform well across a multitude of genres. The intuitive control layout consists of a five-way blade switch and dome-style knobs for volume and tone. Other premium features include a Floyd Rose® 1500 Series double-locking tremolo bridge system for reliable tuning stability throughout daring and aggressive playing theatrics, Gotoh® MG-T locking tuners and Dunlop® dual-locking strap buttons. Through this build, The Virtuoso offers hyper-playability for artists who ignore boundaries and are redefining what high-performance sounds like. The Virtuoso is offered in four colorways – Satin Shell Pink, Satin Black, Specific Ocean and Mystic Blue.

American Series Virtuoso, Satin Shell Pink 4

To further showcase the Virtuoso, a short film, void of any dialogue, captures five Jackson artists in a single room engaged in a rare jam session where they highlight the full force of the instrument’s sounds including Marty Friedman who showcases his signature melodic lead style with exotic string bends and phrasing, Clint Tustin leaning in on his fluid, legato lead technique that incorporates arpeggios and smooth vibrato, Misha Mansoor representing the Djent movement with his syncopated rhythm patterns and leads that always push the boundaries, Debbie Gough ripping a frenetic solo that combines divebombs and harmonics, and Dave Davidson, a chameleon incorporating jazz runs into his lead playing. Virtuoso Played American Made | The American Series Virtuoso — Jackson Guitars’ all-star line up of artists demonstrates their unique individual styles, illustrating the sonic shape shifting and hyper-playability that can seamlessly switch depending on the needs of the guitarists.

By uniting names that span the history of metal, the Virtuoso film brings together both legendary and contemporary artists who symbolize the genre’s sonic diversity, evolution and groundbreaking innovation. “Empowering and supporting musicians is at the heart of everything we do. For the Jackson Virtuoso launch we were honored to bring together incredible artists who symbolize the genre’s sonic diversity, progression, and groundbreaking innovation,” said Evan Jones, Chief Marketing Officer of FMIC. “Since 2021, we have been steadily increasing marketing investment into the Jackson brand. By channeling our marketing resources into content creation, artist collaborations, social engagement, and a blend of paid and earned media, our goal is to both spotlight incredible talent and foster a vibrant brand community where musicians find their voices and unleash their creativity.”

“The Jackson brand has meant so much to metal and, specifically, my musical journey,” said Marty Friedman, solo artist and lead guitarist of the classic lineup of heavy metal icons Megadeth. “From the first Jackson I purchased until now, I have always preferred its sound and dependability and this has only been reinforced with the Virtuoso. It’s versatile sonically too, perfect for players of any talent level and for someone like me to really put an exclamation point on any performance. It’s a brick house that you cannot destroy. It makes my job easier and allows me to really push my own limits.”

American Series Virtuoso, Satin Black 4

“I’ve been playing Jackson since I was 14 years old and fell in love instantly and guitars like the Virtuoso that bring such versatility and power have kept me in love with the brand and metal music ever since,” said Debbie Gough, guitarist for British metal band Heriot. “The slim neck profile and easy access to the higher frets really make it a perfect guitar to solo on and the versatility offered comes at a time when many sub-genres are appearing in metal. It offers something for everyone.”

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