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KiNK with Roland MX-1, MFB 522 and Tom 1501

Here’s a cool video we found on YouTube by an artist named KiNK. He’s using the Roland MX-1 digital mixer with analog gear, MFB 522 for drums and the rare Russian analog poly synth Tom 1501. “The keyboard doesnt have any sequencing functions, memory or effects, so I`m animating the sound entirely with the MX-1. In order to have sustained sounds, I stick the keys with tape or just play them by hands. The slicing / pitching pattern in MX-1 was programmed before shooting the video. I didn`t programmed it during the session, just because I got that groove going, before i press record. I liked it so much and I decided to keep it for the video. I hope you like it too,” says KiNK.

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