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LANIKAI’S UkeSB. Plug ’em in!

Lanikai’s UkeSB Ukuleles are an amazing range of ukes which feature a USB output … just plug it in and hit record! No extra equipment is needed to make studio quality recordings of your instrument with your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or many popular PC recording suites!
Compatible with:
•    PC & Mac recording
•    Select Android devices
•    Garageband
•    Ableton Live
•    iPad1,2 and 3
•    Logic Pro
•    Audacity
•    And much more!

The Kings of Ukulele demonstrate what a ukulele with it’s own built in USB port can sound like when hooked up to Apple’s Garage Band. In this video, Mink rocks out with the Wah Wah Pedal effect.

For more information on Lanikai Ukes, visit

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