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MUSIKMESSE 2015: CASIO Trackformer XW-PD1 Groove Center

Gaining a lot of attention at MusikMesse this year was Casio’s new Trackformer XW-PD1 Groove Center. The XW-PD1 is an all-in-one music machine that includes all the features essential for laying down tracks, such as a synthesizer, a sequencer, a sampler, effects, speaker and batteries. It also includes easy-to-use controllers like pads, knobs, sliders and more. It features 16 velocity-sensitive pads and four knobs and an intriguing circular set of 16 lit buttons, resembling some kind of red spacecraft and sure to be a winner in the entry-level DJ market. It’s equipped with a synthesiser engine and a host of effects. Pad tap sequences may also be recorded in real time and sampled sounds from the mic or music player can also be played on the unit’s pads.

The XW-PD1 comes with 200 different effects to dramatically transform your sounds. Intuitively arrange music to your taste by, for example, emphasizing hooks or inserting floor-pounding drops.
Connect the XW-PD1 to a smartphone or digital audio player via a mixing console and mix or remix your favorite tracks. Apply effects to manipulate songs freely and sample your favorite parts to insert into other songs, giving new life to your favorite music. In addition, the XW-PD1 lets you jam simply by connecting a keyboard or other electronic instruments

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