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Bugera  announced a swag of new amplifier products at NAMM this year including 3 models in their Infinium range. The top of the range in the series is the G20 INFINIUM, a 20-Watt Class-A tube amp head with reverb and their proprietary MORPH EQ circuitry. With a dual ECC83 (12AX7) front end and dual EL34 power stage, the stylishly modern G20 serves up 20 Class-A Watts through a classic push-pull power section. The G20 INFINIUM also features Bugera’s INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier Technology, which monitors and controls output tube voltages, extending their lifespan by up to 20 times.

In addition to the 3-way tone stack (Treble/Mid/Bass), the 2-channel G20 provides the flexibility of MORPH EQ, which simplifies the process of dialing in a British or American-style tone right down to a single knob. Rounding out the sonic palette is a high-definition Reverb, speaker-emulated output, effects loop with level switch, and a heavy-duty footswitch to move seamlessly between channels.

Sporting a gorgeous modern look and feel, the G20 serves up 20 beautiful, tube-soaked, Class-A Watts in vintage, as well as modern flavours. With two preamp tube stages for Clean and two dedicated tube stages for Overdrive, the G20 covers vast sonic territories with remarkable ease. Additionally, the G20 INFINIUM features an integrated high-definition Reverb and our extremely versatile MORPH EQ for seamlessly sweeping between vintage U.S. and British-style tone. Enhancing the versatility of this do-it-all head, our revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier Technology makes tube replacement incredibly simple – so you can spend more time playing your music.

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