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newvoxampsA new range of portable VOX amps have been released at NAMM.

They include the AP2-CAB, a Vox speaker cabinet for AmPlug with updated looks and specs. The unit has been upgraded to 2 watts and features a power amp inside to for use without the AmPlug. This unit replaces the former AP-CAB.
Also from Vox is the limited edition AC4C1 in red finish featuring 4 watts, class a all-valve design with the famous Vox boost tone.
The AC15C1 in red is a limited edition guitar with 15 watts, Celestion 12″ Greenback speaker and Normal plus Top Boost channels
The Pathfinder 10, also in red is another limited edition from Vox with 10 watts, classic Vox styling and Clean/Overdrive modes.
Finally there’s the VT20+CL,a Valvetronix guitar amp with limited edition Classic front. It features 30 watts, 12AX7 tube for true valve tone and power and offers 11 amp models and 25 effects

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