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We catch up with Mossy and Peter Walker from FOMOfx at NAMM 2016

Cold Chisel legend Ian Moss has got together with Sydney based tech company FOMOfx at NAMM to promote Virtual Jeff.
What is Virtual Jeff? It is the next- generation successor to the traditional whammy – it eliminates all mechanical hassles. As a result, you can use it on electrics and acoustics… without affecting the guitar or tuning.

It’s much more though: the pitch data from the whammy is massaged by the Virtual Jeff processor. You can select exactly what pitch you reach at the end of a bend, up or down. Now, bends are predictable and can be used musically – as part of a unique lick or riff. Don’t try that with a mechanical whammy unless you’ve got 20 years to practice first. Virtual Jeff has pitch-perfect bends every time.

It’s also versatile: there’s two modes, selectable with a footswitch. Each mode is customized by the player to bend to different pitches. For example: Mode A can be set like a Bigsby™ – 2 semitones down, one semitone up; Mode B, like a Floyd Rose™ on steroids – two octaves down, one octave up.

Hit the footswitch at any time to instantly swap modes. The technologies in Virtual Jeff are unique and affordable – and they don’t affect your tone. All mechanics and sensing are durable and high resolution by design. They’ll work all night in a club, stadium, studio or bedroom.
No fuss. Just fun.

News: Since filming the demo yesterday, we just got news that FOMOfx has won the Best in Show Award in the accessories category. A very prestigious win. Congratulations.

Here’s an edit of an amateur video shot by from the side screen of Sam Ash giving the Virtual Jeff the nod

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