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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe guys from Brisbane based wholesaler National Music  were busy on stand talking retailers through the company’s fine range of gear at AMAC 2014. On hand to assist Managing Director, Mike McMahon were guests Tony Flatt from Tanglewood guitars and Warren Redman from Elixir strings. Warren told Australian Musician that dollar for dollar, Elixir coated strings are currently the highest sellers in America. National who have now been in business for over 30 years, have recently picked up the line of  Breedlove acoustic guitars, which are OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApredominantly made in the US. National’s biggest selling guitar brand however is the British brand Tanglewood. Also on display at the National music exhibit were JTS microphones, beautiful Hidersine stringed instruments and T Rex pedals, now exclusively distributed by National.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlso taking pride of place on the exhibit walls were the line of Luna guitars and ukuleles and a range of Perri’s Beatles themed straps and picks. A see-through orange Crush drum kit was visually striking to those visiting the stand. Of great interest were the new GJ2 guitars. GJ2 sees American guitar industry legend Grover Jackson back in action. GJ2 refers to Grover Jackson’s second entry into the product market and also Grover and John (Gold), working together. John Gold was International Sales Director for Fender and has now partnered up with Grover Jackson to produce custom shop guitars including a line of impressive road worn electrics.

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