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From the team that brought you one of the most iconic guitar amps of the past 50 years comes the Orange Box — A powerful 50 watt compact Bluetooth speaker overflowing with rich, resonant tone, alongside Orange’s trademark of classic rock’n’roll personality. Here are some core features behind these unique home audio speakers:

Orange’s first hi-fi amplifier has some unique features:
Orange Bluetooth Boxes are the only Bluetooth speakers on the market that use both Class D and A/B Analogue amplifiers, giving them controlled, tight, punchy bass and smooth, natural mids and highs. A specially voiced subwoofer, balanced by the twin high-frequency cones and precision housing, ensures you get the most boom from your box without the muddy lack of definition that blights so many other Bluetooth speakers.

Orange is supporting your right to repair:
The Orange Box boasts the same rugged, road-ready construction standards as all of Orange’s professional-level amplifiers, meaning that this is a piece of kit built to last. And to back this up, Orange pledge to make stock and replacement parts continuously available into the 2030s, with spare cables and components on hand to ensure that your Orange Box becomes a sustainable investment in great-sounding audio for many years to come.

Thoughtful touches:
With great power comes great responsibility and that’s where the Orange Box’s overload light comes in. The box continuously monitors the volume of the signal, and flashes the overload light to let you know if the unit is being driven too hard, potentially damaging the speaker. As a unique audio-safety feature, its inclusion helps ensure that the Orange Box will stay in its prime for years.

Orange products distributed in Australia by Australis Music Group


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