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Pedal Power® 3 series delivers the cleanest, quietest, most reliable pedalboard power possible, ensuring effects always perform and sound their best. Each high-current isolated output supplies up to 500mA to power anything from the most sensitive vintage battery-operated stomps to the latest high-current DSP devices, all with zero added noise. With the 100-240VAC operation, you can rely on Pedal Power 3 for audiophile-quality power anywhere in the world without needing converters or step-up/down transformers. Just use a region-correct IEC cable, and you are good to go.

Expandability is another area where Pedal Power 3 shines. The onboard X-LINK expansion ports can power any combination of X Series expanders, adding up to 16 isolated outs for growing pedalboards. These 12V expansion ports can also power high-powered 12V devices like the Neural Quad Cortex, eliminating the need for unwanted wall warts. No special cables or pricey converter boxes are required. For more details on powering the Quad Cortex with Pedal Power 3 X-LINK, see special notes below*.

Items featured in the video below:

– Pedal Power 3 Series:
– Pedal Power X8 (8 x 9V):
– Pedal Power X4 (4 x 9V):
– Pedal Power X4-18V (2 x 9V + 2 x 18V):

All X Series models listed above include 12V AC adapters to serve as stand-alone power supplies for small pedalboards like Pedaltrain® Nano/Metro and Voodoo Lab Dingbat® Tiny. Pedal Power X4 and X4-18V are also available as Expander Kit versions sold without the 12V AC adapter.

Pedal Power X4EK:

Pedal Power X4EK-18V:

*Special notes on powering the Neural Quad Cortex with X-LINK:

– The actual current draw of the Quad Cortex is 1.8A (1800mA)

– X-LINK ports deliver up to 2A of current (2000mA) and power the Quad using a single standard DC cable from a single X-LINK port

– The correct cables to use for this are available here:

– Due to the device’s high power requirement, the second X-LINK port should remain unused when powering Quad Cortex.

Other things to know about X-LINK

– While X-LINK ports are isolated from the standard DC outputs, the two expansion ports are shared. This will present no issues when powering X Series expander kits or a single 12V effects device.

– Powering a second 12V effect from a DC out is recommended whenever possible.

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