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Positive Grid Debuts Spark CAB – a versatile, 140-Watt powered speaker cabinet designed to maximize Spark series smart guitar practice amps. Optimized to work seamlessly with Spark series amps or other gear with a line-level out, Spark CAB offers high-quality sound for live performances, recording sessions and home practice

Positive Grid invites guitar and bass players to plug in and get loud with the 140-Watt Spark CAB. This new powered guitar amp speaker cabinet is optimized to work seamlessly with all Spark series practice amps, as well as other amps or gear with a line-level output. Durable, yet lightweight and portable, it offers high-quality sound for live performances, recording sessions, home practice and more.

Spark CAB is a Class D powered FRFR (full range, flat response) cabinet delivering clear, precise and transparent audio to capture the intricate nuances of every guitar tone. With its ample power and headroom, guitarists can also rely on Spark CAB’s authentic feel and high volume output.

Convenient performance-based features include:
• Dedicated 3.5mm stereo input to connect Spark smart guitar amps (Spark 40/MINI/GO), cable included
• Stereo combo XLR/TRS inputs and a balanced XLR output for connecting other gear
• Contour switch to emphasize low and high frequencies for more balanced sound at low volume
• Ground lift switch to reduce unwanted hum or noise

In addition, a 10-inch woofer and 2 high-frequency dome tweeters, plus full audio spectrum (45-20,000 Hz) frequency response allow Spark CAB to offer exceptional performance for all types of guitar.

Spark CAB is also a power hub. It features an onboard DC power output and USB-C output for connecting a Spark series amp or a mobile device such as a tablet or phone, with no other power source needed.

Spark CAB will be available to pre-order soon. For more information, visit:

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