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PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. today announces the most recent iteration of the brand’s award-winning music production software, Studio One 6.5, complete with groundbreaking Dolby Atmos® immersive audio. This latest update is a milestone for the best selling DAW and features industry-leading innovations in workflow, mixing, and note editing enhancements. In addition, Studio One 6.5 features state of the art immersive audio recording, editing and mixing capabilities through seamlessly integrated Dolby Atmos tools. The sheer power of Dolby Atmos in tandem with these latest updates will allow users to unlock the full potential of their mixes created within Studio One unlike ever before and transform their creations into full fledged immersive experiences. Studio One 6.5 makes audio content creation fast and easy, with everything you need to record, produce, mix, master and perform in a single intuitive application.

“As the technology and culture that surrounds music and home audio changes, so do the needs of our consumers,” said Arnd Kaiser, General Manager, Software at PreSonus. “The appeal and demand for immersive audio continues to grow, but the software needed has been historically expensive and difficult to decipher. Our decision to make Studio One 6.5 completely integrated with Dolby Atmos at no additional cost will support both casual users who are eager to enter this new and exciting realm of audio creation, and the many audiophiles who are just as eager to consume the content that this software will help create.”

New Studio One 6.5 Top Features:
● Integrated spatial audio production workflow – Experience end-to-end workflow designed for producing in spatial audio from recording with multi channel microphones to mixing with enhanced plug-ins, and exporting files in a variety of formats. Mix in Dolby Atmos or additional formats that support up to 9.1.6 channels.
● Dolby Atmos native integration with monitoring up to 9.1.6 channels and 96 kHz –While other DAWs require additional purchases, plug-ins, complex inter-application audio routing and synchronization for Dolby Atmos integration, Studio One 6.5 is Dolby Atmos ready straight out of the box, for free, meaning there is no additional cost to start mixing in Dolby Atmos. The new Studio One update ensures every Dolby Atmos mix can meet all delivery requirements and will provide users with a seamless workflow along with monitoring in Dolby Atmos with up to 9.1.6 channel speaker layouts.
● Support for Dolby Atmos Binaural Headphone Monitoring – Monitor Binaural Dolby Atmos mixes using conventional stereo headphones. Studio One 6.5 features a dedicated headphone channel for simultaneous Binaural monitoring, eliminating the need for switching configurations.
● Updated spatial audio compatible plug-in set– Studio One’s plug-in set has been entirely upgraded to support processing of multichannel signals or of any individual channel or pair of channels per plug-in.
● OpenAir2 convolution reverb with true 7.1.4 HDIRs – With its new look and feel and a brand-new library of true 7.1.4 impulse responses, Open Air2 creates authentic, believable immersive 3D spaces.
● New Multi-Tap Surround Delay plug-in – Studio One 6.5 introduces a brand-new plug-in specifically designed with immersive audio in mind: Surround Delay—an eight-tap delay with individual surround panners. In addition, delay taps can be synchronized to the song tempo for exciting dimensional and rhythmic effects.
● Tablature and lead sheet enhancements – Studio One’s Scoring and Note Editing capabilities have been streamlined and further optimized for tablature, lead sheets, and drum maps. These features include the addition of rhythm slashes, a chord display that’s dynamically linked to the Chord Track, custom string tunings, and more expressive options for guitar tablature such as guitar bends and rhythmic display.
● ARA support on Project Page – ARA-enabled plug-ins are now available as audio editors on the Project Page. With the number of available ARA-enabled plug-ins steadily increasing, there are more and more reasons to reach for them at the mastering stage. ARA-plug-ins can now be utilized easily and in real time without any additional fuss.
● Studio One Remote update for spatial audio mixing – Studio One Remote for iOS, Android and Windows has been updated to include support for surround mixing, including proper visualization of the updated mixer. Additionally, a dedicated Surround Panner view has been added to support 3D panning with multitouch; a major benefit when writing pan automation in the absence of a suitable hardware remote controller.
● Support for DAWproject file format – Studio One 6.5 introduces a new open-source file exchange format designed to let users share sessions across multiple digital audio workstations.

For the first time, users of DAWs from different manufacturers can exchange sessions in a format that includes all critical data. Starting with PreSonus and Bitwig, .dawproject will be provided as a universal import/export format.
In addition, for the first time, Studio One is available for the Linux operating system. Beginning today, a public beta version will be available to all Studio One 6 and Studio One+ users and will require Ubuntu 23.04.

For more detailed information on setup and requirements please visit the Getting Started on Linux’ Support page HERE.

To support the latest chapter of Studio One 6.5, PreSonus will be releasing a full creative campaign which includes a custom video content piece, called “Mix in a new Dimension” featuring Kenny Moran, two-time Grammy Awards-nominated mix and recording engineer and PreSonus Creator Council member. PreSonus explores the new Studio One 6.5 native Dolby Atmos workflow by following Kenny as he demystifies the nature of Dolby Atmos while speaking to the ease of use within the Studio One

In addition, PreSonus will be launching “A Brief Exploration” a social series which taps into the diverse world of engineers, producers, and artists with different levels of experience with Studio One.

Partners such as self-produced Singer/Songwriter Emily Krueger and Emcee/Producer Sylvan LaCue will experience and share how they use Studio One’s speedy workflow to spark their creativity.

For technical specs, additional information on new PreSonus® products and to find a retail partner near you, visit and Join the conversation on social media by following @PreSonus and @Fender.

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