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Introducing the Roland SYSTEM-100 Software Synthesizer plug-in – a modern reproduction of the now-legendary Roland semi-modular monosynth from 1975.

Sonically, the original Roland SYSTEM-100 is renowned for its ultra-fat oscillators and creamy filters but its modular patching capabilities gave access to a method of sound design at a time when such instruments were only accessible in sound laboratories and recording studios. The Roland SYSTEM-100 Software Synthesizer plugin now provides this modular sound design to your DAW.

The SYSTEM-100 combines Model 101 Synthesizer with a Model 102 Expander to give you two VCOs and two LFOs to work with, as well as Sample and Hold, Ring Modulation and a Noise Generator that all worked seamlessly together. With the addition of its modular routing capabilities, the SYSTEM-100’s sonic palette is staggering – effortlessly turning out the fattest of bases, in-your-face sync leads, dense textures, and exotic soundscapes.

At the heart of each Roland Software Synthesizer is our Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. ACB faithfully captures the sound and feel of our most revered classics, by carefully analyzing the structure and behavior of the original analog circuits, and faithfully recreating every nuance and finer design details. Prepare for a world of sounds never imagined with this fusion of classic analog and groundbreaking technology. The results are simply mind-bending.
Roland also offers the SH-101, SH-2, PROMARS and SYSTEM-1 as Software Synthesizer plugins – all available in VST and AU plugin format, for Mac and PC.

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