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Introducing the new RD-08 stage piano—Roland’s most affordable RD to date. Enjoy legendary RD piano performance with this lean, mean keyboard that’s designed for easy transport. For gigging musicians, the RD-08 offers uncompromised sound and playability paired with an intuitive interface for seamless navigation.

It’s everything you need in one instrument. And with an upgradeable design, you can add more sounds and features as your needs evolve.

Pianos & Playability
With the RD-08, there’s no shortage of sounds to choose from.

Explore both acoustic and electric piano sounds or tackle any music style with a wide range of synths, organs, strings, and other sounds.

And thanks to four decades of Roland piano development, the RD-08 offers best-in-class playability. Experience an authentic grand touch from the PHA-4 88-note keyboard with weighted hammer action and Ivory Feel keys.

Go Gig
The RD-08 has a streamlined control panel to keep you in the flow while you’re playing. Easily switch sounds, transpose key, and access other functions with top panel buttons. Control layers, effects, and EQ on the fly with four multi-function knobs. When you’re ready to move, the lightweight, streamlined design makes gig setup simple.

The Upgrade
If you’re thinking about an upgrade in the future, there’s no need to purchase a new keyboard. With a one-time Roland Cloud Lifetime Key purchase, you can add a selection of sounds and features to the RD-08.

Inject your instrument with SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3, MainStage support, Wave Expansions, and more.

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