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string_brochure_2015.inddIf you play things with strings, Rotosound has you covered. The UK string brand has built a reputation for high quality, long lasting strings, whether it be electric and acoustic guitar, bass, traditional fretted instruments or orchestral.

This year’s Christmas string selection features the nickel and steel Roto Yellows for electric guitar, which deliver a smooth, powerful tone with superb brilliance and strength. valuable in 12 string sets, 7 & 8 string sets and custom made singles for the discerning tone-head. Or if you tone a little heavier and are fond of drop tunings, try the Dark Zone custom range.

One of Rotosound’s best selling bass string lines is the Nexusrange. They’re energy rich in mid-tones, alternative to steels with high presence, and add a silky smooth black polycoat dressing over a Type 52 wrap. Suit the player for all seasons.

Visit the Australian Rotosound distributor for more information

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