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Introducing 5 new finishes to the Kaizen guitar collection including Honey Suckle, Bleeding Heart, Kryptonite, Radium, and Ember Burst. Bleeding Heart, Kryptonite, Radium, and Ember Burst are available in 6 and 7-string configurations — the Honey Suckle is offered as a 6-string only and is limited to 25 pieces exclusively in the Ernie Ball Music Man Vault.

The Kaizen guitar is a visionary collaboration between the Ernie Ball Music Man design team and the world-renowned guitarist, innovator, and designer Tosin Abasi. The Kaizen is a cutting-edge design concept that was inspired by Tosin’s distinct playing style and vision. Featuring Music Man’s proprietary “Infinity Radius Fretboard” and uniquely positioned fret markers, the feel and playability of the Kaizen is enhanced with improved visibility of the fretboard in any position. The instrument is light and undemanding, with a distinctly shaped alder body, a slim profile roasted maple neck, and a multi-scale length fretboard. The electronics include a new Music Man HT bridge humbucker, a custom offset neck humbucker, and a 3-way switch wired with a custom middle position. Each guitar comes equipped with a Music Man multi-scale tremolo, and Steinberger gearless tuners.

Ernie Ball Music Man distributed in Australia by CMC Music


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