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VOX NIGHT TRAIN 50 DEMO by Jimi Hocking

Jimi Hocking checks out the new Vox Night Train 50 Amp Head for us.
This powerful, all-tube head offers two channels for traditional and high-gain sounds. The VOX Night Train Series projects a powerful personality with its mirror-finish metallic exterior and serious all-tube sound. Now welcome our new 50 Watt model: the Night Train 50. Unlike the existing Night Train (15W) model – or even the AC15 and AC30 Custom Series – the Night Train 50 features EL34 tubes in the power stage, producing a tight, robust sound. Of course, the Night Train 50 also covers the traditional VOX sound, and its rich array of sonic variation makes it such a great and versatile choice for so many guitarists.

VOX Night Train 50 Amp Head Features and Specifications:
•    All-tube, two channel head featuring Class AB amplifier construction
•    Stylish design with eye-catching mirror finish
•    12AX7 (x4) preamp tubes; EL34 (x2) power stage tubes
•    BRIGHT channel provides the traditional VOX chime; 
plus a THICK switch which bypasses the EQ for more gain
•    GIRTH channel delivers an energetic powerful high-gain tone
•    Master TIGHT switch cuts the low end to tighten the overall sound
•    FX loop with tone-saving true bypass
•    Optional VFS2A footswitch; Switch between channels
or turn the BRIGHT channel’s THICK mode on and off
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