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markiii_bass_rdThey were huge in the sixties and a big part of the British rock invasion, with acts like The Hollies, The Kinks and The Beatles playing Phantom or Teardrop shaped guitars. Vox has announced the new and long-awaited bass versions of the MARK III Bass and MARK V Bass!
The MARK III and MARK V are contemporary revivals of the traditional VOX Teardrop/Phantom shapes. These are unique instruments with radical designs that have been popular ever since they first went on sale. These guitars are sure to make an impact with guitarists who are familiar with the legacy of these guitars, and also with younger students and beginners just starting to play the guitar.
voxMK_Bass_MKV_SeafoamThe bass models, originally on sale in the 1960s, feature the shapes that have captivated bassists around the world – nearly as much as the guitar models. These iconic instruments have appeared in countless legendary performances. Numerous bassists continue to use the vintage models to this day, giving rise to the appearance of many copycat models.
Now in 2014, VOX has revived the bass models for today, just as it did for the guitars. The teardrop-shaped MARK III Bass and the Phantom-shaped MARK III Bass comprise a lineup that is available in four pop colours for each model, featuring basswood bodies, hard maple necks, 21-fret rosewood fingerboards, and two single-coil pickups. The pickups feature the vintage positions that faithfully reproduce the famous signature models, so you’ll enjoy the unique sound that is distinct from typical basses. In addition, the slim and short-scale neck will be comfortable for students and professional musicians alike.
The peerless MARK III Bass and MARK V Bass are unique not simply for their sound quality and playability, but also in the way that they allow you to experience the enjoyment of performing and in their mysterious charm that seems to accentuate the player’s own personality.

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