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WATCH/ Bogner Ubershall Twin Jet Amp

Check out this video of LA based guitarist Reza Moosavi putting the Bogner Ubershall twin jet amp through its paces.
Bogner’s TWIN JET was introduced at the 2009 Winter Namm Show and was globally released later that summer. The name TWIN JET refers to having two powerful gain channels on tap versus the more traditional clean and gain channel configuration of our standard Uberschall.
Here’s where Bogner stands apart …
– Newly voiced clean channel which can deliver semi cleans to hot rodded high gain flavored sounds.
– Additional flexibility added to super high gain channel.
– KT88 power amp section with expanded controls.
– White front panel (original black mirror polished panel available as a special order)

For more information on Bogner amps in Australia visit

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