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A couple of months ago, Roland Australasia presented a live stream demo of the Roland VR-120HD! In the video, Marc Allen deep-dives into the latest flagship model of the Roland VR-Series of all-in-one streaming switchers.

The Roland VR-120HD is a cutting-edge video mixer and switcher that is perfectly suited to live/hybrid event production, broadcasting, and presentations. With its compact and portable design, it offers advanced video mixing, switching, and audio capabilities in a single unit.

This versatile device supports a wide range of video formats, including Full HD and 4K, and features built-in scalers on each input for seamless integration of various video sources.

With its intuitive user interface, ergonomic control panel, and large multi-viewer display, the VR-120HD ensures effortless monitoring and precise adjustments. It also offers an array of visual effects and transitions, such as chroma keying and picture-in-picture, allowing users to create captivating visuals.

With its extensive audio mixer and effects, users can handle the complex audio scenarios with great results. The VR-120HD also supports remote control via USB, MIDI, or LAN, enabling convenient operation and integration into existing workflows.

From live concerts to corporate events, the Roland VR-120HD empowers content creators, event organisers, and broadcasters to deliver professional-quality visuals and captivate their audience.

As the flagship model of the Roland VR Series, this all-in-one video switcher, audio mixer and streaming device, will empower you to create stunning performances that will engage your audiences.

Check out the livestreamed video here:

Contents of the Video
0:00 – Intro
01:05 – The I/O
02:52 – New User Interface
04:30 – Layer Compositing
06:15 – Streaming
07:15 – Built-in Recorder
08:42 – Audio Upgrades
11:28 – Macros
14:00 – Scenes and Sequences
14:50 – PTZ Camera Control
17:35 – Q & A

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