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WATCH: VOX VXII DEMO with tim & dave

Dave and Tim are a couple of geezers from the UK, who know a little about Vox amps. Check out their light-hearted look at the new VXII amp features.

The VX amplifier range combine a number of unique features to yield an affordable, lightweight practice amplifier that produces a variety of impressive tones reminiscent of some of the most coveted tube amplifiers of all time. VOX’s new VET (Virtual Element Technology) modeling technology offers the most accurate amplifier models to date. By carefully analyzing the circuit design components used in classic American and British tube amplifiers. In addition to the amp models, VX amps feature a complement of classic effects, including four types of modulation (chorus, flanger, phase & tremolo) and four types of delay & reverb (analog delay, tape echo, spring reverb, & hall reverb). Unique features like an FET-based analog power amp design, a uniquely designed-bass reflex structure, and with a sealed, one-piece speaker enclosure constructed from acoustically superior ABS material bring forth a level of sound quality that was previously unachievable with an amp of this class. The VXII model also features USB audio out for interfacing with your computer or Apple iOS device and a complimentary copy of JamVOX III guitar editing software.

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