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Montage M8X

Yamaha Corporation announces the release of the MONTAGE M series of Yamaha music synthesizers with three new digital music instruments: namely, the MONTAGE M6, MONTAGE M7, and MONTAGE M8x. This series is the successor to the original MONTAGE series of synthesizers.

Since the debut of the SY-1 in 1974, Yamaha has released a wide variety of synthesizers. In 1983, Yamaha’s DX7 radically transformed the global music scene with its digital FM synthesis tone generator. This was followed up by the MOTIF in 2001, and then in May 2016, Yamaha released its flagship MONTAGE synthesizers, which have been recognized by artists around the world and used in all varieties of music scenes.

Montage M6
Montage M7

This new MONTAGE M series of synthesizers is the next generation of the MONTAGE series. New to the hybrid synthesis at the heart of the “Motion Control Synthesis Engine” is Yamaha’s AN-X virtual analog synthesis engine, which digitally recreates the warm, expressive sound of an analog synthesizer, while also offering sophisticated modulation. In combination with the realistic acoustic instrument sounds of the AWM2 engine and the uniquely expressive digital synthesis of the FM-X engine, these three Sound Engines take the already incredibly expressive sound of the MONTAGE series to the next level. Like the previous series, MONTAGE M synthesizers feature an intuitive touchscreen that’s easy on the eyes, but now with an added second display at the upper left. Quick sound editing is made possible by swift access to important synthesizer parameters, such as Oscillators, Filters, EG, and Effects. The intuitive user interface makes it even easier for players to tap into their creativity. The MONTAGE M series lineup includes three different models with varying numbers and types of keys for keyboardists to choose from, based on playing style. The MONTAGE M8x is Yamaha’s first keyboard to offer 88-key Polyphonic Aftertouch, taking players’ expressiveness to the next level.

Key Features
1. Even more expressive sound with the newly developed AN-X virtual analog synthesis engine
As the key feature of the MONTAGE series, the Motion Control Synthesis Engine is a comprehensive synthesis system that combines hybrid engine synthesis with Motion Control to enable intricate and dynamic sound changes using various methods of control.
In addition to the hybrid synthesis at the heart of this synthesis system, the MONTAGE M series adds the newly developed AN-X 16-polyphony virtual analog synthesis engine. Thanks to Oscillators featuring Modulation, Sync, and Shaping capabilities, the AN-X engine is a fusion of tradition and innovation that can recreate everything from vintage synth sound to more edgy and aggressive sound. Together with the 8-operator, 128-polyphony FM synthesis FM-X engine and an improved 256-polyphony AMW2 engine, now with twice the amount of waveforms for more precise sound, these three sound engines offer a combined maximum of 400 notes of polyphony. The warm, full analog sound of the AN-X engine, the characteristic digital sound of the FM-X engine, and the realistic acoustic sound of the AWM2 engine—all orchestrated by Motion Control—combine to deliver unique and incredibly expressive sound.

2. Control that makes sound more expressive and unique
The other core aspect of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine, Motion Control makes sound more expressive and unique by offering controls that enable smooth, dynamic changes to layers upon layers of sound. While the MONTAGE M series offers a variety of ways to interact with and control sounds, the Super Knob and Motion Sequencer stand out from the rest.
The Super Knob can control up to 280 parameters simultaneously, making dynamic sound changes possible using a simple gesture. Motion Sequencer can be used to configure and play back up to 8+1 sequences (8 part sequences + 1 Super Knob sequence) with customized parameters, making it possible to implement complicated, multilayered sound changes in real-time, while playing.
Other features include Audio Beat Sync, which automatically detects beats in audio from the A/D input and syncs it with Motion Sequencer, and Envelope Follower, which converts audio into a control source. By using the many available ways of interacting with and controlling sound, players can enjoy dynamic sound changes for more creative performances.

In addition to the above, the MONTAGE M series introduces new performance controls: a five-segment ribbon controller with a dedicated HOLD button, a new KEYBOARD HOLD button for sustaining chords while using knobs to edit, and a Portamento on/off button and dedicated Portamento time knob.

3. Faster and more intuitive user interface makes it easier for players to tap into their creativity
Like the previous series, the main display is an intuitive touchscreen located at the center of the top panel controls. The new MONTAGE M series adds six display knobs under the main display. A NAVIGATION button allows you go directly from the “surface” of a sound to the deepest part. The new MONTAGE M series also introduces an LCD screen as a second display. Important synthesizer parameters—like AN-X Oscillators, Filters, FM-X parameters, EG, and Effect parameters—are displayed here, enabling quick sound editing.
The new PAGE JUMP button at the right side of the new LCD can be used to instantly move details about a selected parameter from the LCD screen over to the main touchscreen. The updated User Interface provides faster, more intuitive sound creation and controls.

4. Premium keyboards distinguish between subtle nuances in touch
The 61-key MONTAGE M6 and 76-key MONTAGE M7 feature Yamaha’s premium FSX flagship synthesizer keyboard with Channel Aftertouch support. The 88-key MONTAGE M8x incorporates the newly developed GEX keyboard. This keyboard uses new keyboard sensors to offer Polyphonic Aftertouch, which supports sound modulation for each individual key. The GEX keyboard also features synthetic ebony and ivory finish for a comfortable playing experience.
The FSX and GEX are both premium keyboards that distinguish between subtle nuances in touch, and keyboard touch is carefully matched with sounds to take full advantage of the incredibly expressive Motion Control Synthesis Engine.

5. Bundled license of Softsynth features MONTAGE M Synthesis Engine
MONTAGE M series keyboards come with a download code for the Expanded Softsynth Plugin (E.S.P.) for MONTAGE M, which is a software synthesizer (VST3, AU) that can replicate all MONTAGE M series sounds, offering more powerful stage and studio integration.
Yamaha is planning on releasing E.S.P. in early 2024. The first version will have MONTAGE M sound, while being limited to basic editing. The full version is planned for release in summer 2024.

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