The Pa5X is the new flagship of KORG’s internationally renowned Pa Series that will set a new standard in arranger keyboards. The Pa5X features state-of-the-art technology driving the essential part of any musical instrument: a stunning rich sound never before available on any
other keyboards! Three models are available: Pa5X-61, Pa5X-76 & Pa5X-88.

The Pa5X is the only instrument on the market that supports playing two Styles simultaneously. This is made possible by new sequencer technology, which also enables users to play two Styles simultaneously and even in sync.

– New double Sequencer for Styles and Songs
– 8” High-Resolution graphic display (tiltable Touchscreen)
– New graphical user interface
– Three key versions: 61-key and 76-key (semi-weighted), 88-key
with hammer action (all with velocity and aftertouch!)
– Maximum Polyphony: 160 voices (up to 24 stereo oscillators)
– New recorded PCM data + Sounds including data from the SV-2 and Kronos/Nautilus
– 20 insert effects for the two players (10 each), 3 insert effects for each Keyboard Set
– 6 master effects for the two players (3 each), 3 master effects for each Keyboard Set
– Smooth Sound Transition (SST) for Styles, Songs and KBD Sets
– Finalizer and Master EQ for Styles and Songs
– Matrix section (16 Pads/4-Sets)
– Mixer section with additional strip-display and 9 assignable switches
– New Drawbar section with dedicated panel and Vox/CX-3 effects
– 4 voice vocal processor from Shift Audio (incl. doubler + auto pitch)
– More than 2,000 sounds, more than 500 Styles, and more than 400 KBD Sets
– Chord Sequencer with library
– Onboard sampler (similar to the Pa4X)
– RGB multicoloured LEDs
– Separate guitar input (with dedicated gain controls and up to 4 insert effects)
Plus lots more!

Korg PA5X-61 Arranger keyboard 61 keys
RRP $8999.00

Korg PA5X-61 Arranger keyboard 76 keys
(Piano hammer actions)
RRP $9499.00

Korg PA5X-61 Arranger keyboard 88 keys
(Piano hammer actions)
RRP $9999.00

Korg distributed in Australia by CMI Music & Audio, a division of Australis Music Group