During Summer NAMM 2021  Kurzweil  lifted the lid on the K2700, the brand’s latest keyboard workstation, powered by an updated version of its VAST (Variable-Architecture Synthesis Technology) synthesis engine.

From 1991 to 2021. It has been a long storied journey for the K2 series. Kurzweil Music Systems is proud to present the K2700 workstation, Kurzweil’s most complete set of music creation tools ever. Featuring a fully weighted 88-note keyboard and a host of hands-on controllers, including a ribbon controller, the K2700 invites you to explore its incredibly deep feature set.


•88-key, fully-weighted, Italian made action with velocity/pressure sensitive adjustable keys
•256 voice polyphony
•1500+ factory programs and 700+ multis powered by FlashPlay®, V.A.S.T., FM, KB3 and VA engines
•All 3 world famous Kurzweil piano samples
•3.5 GB of re-loadable, non-volatile, user flash sample memory
•Integrated 2-channel USB audio interface and analog inputs including 2 mic preamps
•16-zone MIDI controller
•Over 60 physical controllers including embedded 3-section ribbon, drum pads and a host of sliders, knobs, buttons and pedals
•16-track sequencer
•USB MIDI, Audio and Host capabilities

Watch the launch video HERE

Kurzweil distributed in Australia by Australis Music Group