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Check out some beautiful Lakland basses such as these at the Bass Centre-Acoustic Centre stand at the Melbourne Guitar Show.

Apart from witnessing some amazing artists at the Melbourne Guitar Show, the other huge attraction is the massive pop-up guitar shop where you’ll be able to see, try and buy an amazing range of guitar related gear.

One of the specialist exhibitors at the show will be The Bass Centre-Acoustic Centre. If you’re a bass player or acoustic guitar aficionado, then you won’t want to miss a visit to their stand.

On the Bass Centre’s stand you’ll find some quality basses from Sadowsky, Lakland, Fender, Ibanez etc and the best of the bass amp brands too such as Ampeg, Aguilar and Ashdown. It’s a great chance to plug in, compare brands and chat to staff who know what they’re talking about.

Acoustic guitar fans can visit the Acoustic Centre side of the exhibit and play some beautiful instruments from Santa Cruz, Collings, Martin, Taylor, National Resophonic, Cole Clark, Maton and more.

These guys focus on two things … bass gear and acoustic guitars. Consequently they’re able to access quality gear you might not find in other stores and the staff can be more focussed in their knowledge as they don’t really need to know about anything else! They’re experts in their field.

So why else should you drop by the Bass Centre-Acoustic Centre stand at the Melbourne Guitar Show? We asked the store’s main man Guy Palmer.

“The Bass Centre stand will be the only dedicated bass stand that will be there and on the Acoustic Centre side too, we have products that we import directly from manufacturers in the US, Canada, Finland, products that you just will not find in any other store, from the best builders in the world,” said Guy.

“We’ll have some great basses on stand including some beautiful Canadian F basses,” added Guy on just one of the stand’s highlights. “I’m trying to get some Dingwall basses out from Canada too. There’s a shipment on its way and hopefully they’ll be here in time as well.”

See the Bass Centre-Acoustic Centre Exhibitor profile here

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