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Melbourne-based guitarist, producer Marcel Yammouni has been the go-to guitar guy for many of Australia’s finest artists such as Vanessa Amorosi, Pete Murray, and Em Rusciano to name a few. At this year’s Melbourne Guitar Show Marcel will be teaming up with Andy Sylvio for an improv session you won’t want to miss.  Ahead of the guitar show we asked Marcel to give us ten guitar tracks which have made an impact on him.

Van Halen – Eruption
Self explanatory really. I was six years old when I first heard this. It started it all.

Dire Straits – Money for Nothing
That guitar riff! How the hell did he get that tone? Apart from Mark Knopfler’s amazing hands, it was a ’58 Les Paul and a cocked wah. Unbelievable!

Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms
Had to give props to Knopfler once again. Incredible sense of melody. The guitar weeps.

Danny Gatton- Sleepwalk
Speaking of weeping, I can’t get through this track without getting emotional. I’ve cried a few times (sook). Gatton’s cadenza at the end is a flurry of finger picking bliss. Many years later Brian Setzer did a version which was great also.

Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker
Killer main riff. Excellent guitar tone. Honourable mention to John Bonham for the incredible groove underneath.

Queen – Queen Killer
Brian May has done so many guitar masterpieces in between Queen’s cracking ditties. Too many to mention. This one is exceptional. Amazing guitar orchestration and beautiful melodies.

AC/DC – Back in Black
Malcolm Young’s Rhythm guitar Riff. Nuff said. Once again, honourable mention must go to Phil Rudd. Grooviest drummer of all time.

Joe Satriani- Crushing Day
Epic guitar solo. Even Satch can’t re create it. Shred guitar at its finest. The closing lick of the solo gets me every time.

Jeff Beck- Big Block (Jeff Becks Guitar Shop)
I love this whole album. All killers, no fillers. Nothing like a good dirty blues rock tune to get you going.

Jimi Hendrix- Machine Gun
Band of Gypsys Live. What an album. Probably the best  recorded example of Jimi’s playing. Epic guitar solo.

Marcel and Andy perform at 2.45pm on Saturday August 5th at the AON Whammy Bar. Melbourne Guitar Show August 5&6 Caulfield Racecourse

Here’s a little tribute Marcel put together a few years ago to celebrate some of his guitar heroes.

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