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One of the great things about the Melbourne Guitar Show is that a company like Sydney-based wholesaler Amber Technology, who distribute multiple product brands, can present a wide range of guitar-related gear that people normally wouldn’t get to see in one go.
“There are things that people might see at their local music shop, depending on what they stock but this is a unique opportunity to see everything that Amber Technology offers in the way of guitar-related gear, at the one place, at the one time,” says Adam Karolewski, Amber Technology’s Professional Products Manager.

Of great interest to guitarists on the Amber Technology stand will be the range of pedals from their flagship brand TC Electronic. “From TC Electronic, we’ll have their new Smorgasbord of Sound range,” suggests Adam. “I wouldn’t say it’s entry level but it is a cheaper range of pedals that TC have taken to the market, covering the most popular kinds of pedals out there today. We’ve got distortion, modulation, reverb and delay pedals retailing at around the $100 price point. They were just released earlier this year. There’s also the new Flashback 2, plus the new Hall of Fame pedal with the mash feature, which allows you to use the on/off switch as an expression controller. We’ll also have a dedicated area for TC’s bass gear that we have set aside to show off bass amps and cabs.”

For the singer-guitarist, also on display will be TC Helicon’s full range of vocal processors. Early in 2017, they introduced several new products including the TalkBox Synth, Harmony Singer 2, Mic Mechanic 2, the Duplicator, and Critical Mass. All will be available to see, try and buy at the guitar show.

Jet City is a guitar amp brand which has been around for about 8 years and their philosophy seems to be ‘power and tone without the frills’.
“That’s exactly right,” confirms Adam. “You won’t really see any high profile advertising from those guys. The Jet City mantra is to put all their energy and resources into the product and design, so they don’t spend anything on high profiles artists for instance. It’s all about the quality of the product itself.”

Also on the effects pedal front, Amber recently took on the range of  T-Rex pedals, so it will be wonderful to see that name back at the guitar show.
“We picked that up about 2 months ago,” says Adam. “It’s been a soft launch for us as we’ve been waiting for stock but that’s all rolling in this month, so we will have the full range at the show including the Replicator Tape Echo, the SoulMate Acoustic and Tone Trunk boards at show.”

A new pedal line for Amber this year is the Luna Stone range which comes from Denmark, so again this will be a great chance for punters to view some product for the very first time.

Amber will also present the range of well known G Lab guitar effects and switching systems including some neat stand-alone fx processors and delays. The Proel brand will be represented with a range of their hardware, guitar stands, a range of instrument cables, leads, mic stands and amp stands. Amber will also be showcasing the CIOKS range of guitar pedal power supplies which are now back in stock.  The brand has been out of the market for some time having its products certified to comply with recent changes to the Australian StandardPlus, and there’s plenty to see from Radial Engineering’s Tonebone range too.

“This is the first year for us at the Melbourne Guitar Show,” says Adam. “We see it as an opportunity to engage directly with the end-users. It is not a situation as a wholesaler that we would typically find ourselves in, so the ability to talk to the people who will be using our product in their studios and on stages and in their homes, is an invaluable opportunity for us to take up and we’re looking forward to it.”

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