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Every year at the Melbourne Guitar Show, it’s always exciting to see what amps and effects are being highlighted on the Boss stand and this year attendees are in for a real treat.

Born out of Boss’ Waza DNA comes the Katana range of amplifiers, which at last year’s guitar show was merely a prototype. Now punters will be able to try them out, as well as the Roland Jazz Chorus and Blues Cube amplifiers.

Pedal-wise, there will be plenty on show but product manager Matt Walsham tells me, “We’ll be focussing on the new RV 500, DD 500 and MD 500 pedals along with ES5 switcher and the awesome new MS3 multi effects switcher. In regard to loopers, being a guitar show, the concentration will be on floor models such as the RC, RC3, RC30 and RC300.”

Matt is particularly excited about having UK guitar great Alex Hutchings on stand this year, as well as performing at the Whammy Bar on Sunday at 11.45 and in clinic on Saturday at 1.30pm in the Winners Circle Workshop Room.

“Alex Hutchings is in town and joining us this year,” says Matt. “He’s going to be pretty much permanently located on the Boss stand doing demonstrations, mostly of the 500 series pedals and MS3 multi effects switcher.”

Not only will Boss have the gear to whet your appetite but they’ll also have the deals to match. Matt tells us there will be Melbourne Guitar Show special deals on quite a few products but particularly on all of their compact pedals. Also on show but not to be played are a display of recently announced products such as the 40th anniversary box set, Katana Mini and a few other recent releases

In addition to the gear, you’ll have UK’s finest Alex Hutchings and our own guitar guns James Ryan and Jay Parrino presenting on stand demonstrations.

“We’re very, very excited to be there again,” Matt says. “As you know, we thought that last year’s event was stupendous but being able to turn up with one of the finest guitar players on the planet, playing and chatting on our stand for the whole time … makes for a pretty excited affair.”


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