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“It is the biggest lolly shop of the year,” says Cranbourne Music’s Tim Coleman, referring to the amazing amount of attractive guitar gear on display at the Melbourne Guitar Show. The Cranbourne Music stand this year will indeed look like a candy store to many guitar enthusiasts as they will be stocking arguably two of the most visually appealing guitar brands; Grestch and Duesenberg side by side. “I can’t wait to pair those two together,” Tim tells me. “Plus there will be a range of Fender amps to play those through as well.”

The Cranbourne Music stand will feature a large selection of Duesenberg guitars including the new Starplayer TV Phonic, Mike Campbell Heartbreakers 40th anniversary model, the Bonneville, Joe Walsh signature models, Soundgarden signature models and they’ll also stock an array of Starplayers, Palomas, Caribous and Double Cats.

From EVH, Cranbourne will present 5150 LBX amps as well as EVH Striped Series guitars and a selection of Wolfgang guitar models. They’ll also be offering gear from Fender, Yamaha, Vox, as well as a great range of effects pedals from MXR and Dunlop.

This will be the third year in a row that Cranbourne have exhibited at the Melbourne Guitar Show and they are looking forward to yet another wonderful year. “Being one of Victoria’s biggest stores, I think it is important that we are there. We love to put some new and interesting gear in front of people that they may not see in their local store. We need to reach more people so any event like this is really important,” says Tim of why they keep coming back.
“I think everyone is excited to have a big event like this where they can see artists perform and see so much gear. It really is the biggest lolly shop of the year. Some people don’t have the opportunity to get out and see gigs for whatever reason, so this is the kind of event people can get out to during the day and see some of their idols and play some expensive gear that they may or may not ever own but they have a chance to get a taste of it.”

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