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Bogner Amplification Telos
Bogner Amplification Telos


Where do all of the really cool musicians hang out at the Melbourne Guitar Show? The Eastgate Music and EGM Distribution stand is a great place to start looking. It’s here where you’ll find all of the funky new gear, the brands that may not be household names but they’re the quality, go-to names for the musician in the know. It helps too that on stand will be one of the owners, Marcello Grassi, who is a respected guitarist himself and if he doesn’t have an answer to your amp, pedal or guitar query, nobody will!

“We’ll have all the great amp brands you’d expect us to such as Bad Cat Amplification, Fuchs, Magnatone and Bogner Amplification. Not only will we have some new amplifiers within those brands, we have a new amplifier brand as well,” says Marcello. “We’ll be launching the Black Wing Screamin’ Eagle by James Heidrich … we’re flying that in. Also we’ll be displaying bass amplification from Phil Jones Bass, both powered and non-powered cabinets, really small hi-powered heads plus combos as well with 4, 5 and 7 inch speakers. We’re also doing NS Design by Ned Steinberger. They make violins, cellos, and double basses. We’re presenting their electric basses and electric double basses. They feature the new polar pickup system, affectionately known as the ‘green’ system pickup. When you plug in an adapter to the input jack, it charges in 50 seconds to a minute and you get 18 hours use and the battery is totally environmentally friendly to dispose of as well. From Bogner Amplification we will have the new Telos amplifier and we will also have the Goldfinger Phi 54. In regard to Bad Cat, look out for the Unleash 2, re-amper/attenuator. With the Magnatone brand, we’ll have the Super 59 Mark II, the Billy Gibbons model, plus the Magnatone Panoramic Stereo Twilighter 210. It features two 10” speakers powered by four EL84s push pull 12 + 12 watts of all tube stereo power”

The Eastgate Music/EGM Distribution stand is also a pedal lovers heaven and Marcello tells me there will be some great specials on offer as well as first looks at fantastic new effects. “We’ll be launching some new pedals such as the BluBox by BluGuitar plus there’s much more from the BluGuitar range. We’ll also be displaying the new Lyndhurst Compressor by Rienhold Bogner and the Bogner Oxford Fuzz pedal, as well as the full range of Bogner pedals.”

This will be the third year in a row for Eastgate Music/EGM Distribution at the guitar show and it’s an opportunity to speak to the guitar community first hand that they wouldn’t miss.
“The Melbourne Guitar Show experience has been really good for us,” Marcello tells me. “We go to a lot of trouble and bring in a lot of gear.  Last year was great, we had people looking at Magnatone and Bogner Amplification. We had people buying Bad Cat off the stand. There was a lot of interest in BluGuitar last year, especially the Amp1,  small 100 watt amplifier with the Russian sub-military nano-tube, 4 channel, which you can expand with a control switcher. A number of the other exhibitors were so impressed, that some even bought the gear, which was really humbling. Power supplies were popular last year too. Eastgate Music and EGM Distribution is well known for its complete pedalboard and power supply accessories and solutions, particularly with brands like Voodoo Labs and 1 Stop.”

“The biggest seller, which surprised us all were the acrylic-made, Gravity picks and that’s going to come back in a big way again this year,” Marcello says. “We’re launching the new Gold Series pick, which is made from thermo-plastic. They’re handmade and everybody just loved them. We’ll also bringing a range of custom shop guitars, second hand and some vintage as well. People should come down and have a look.”


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