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Washburn acoustic guitars are back, now distributed exclusively in Australia through Musical Merchandisers, and will be proudly on display at the Melbourne Guitar Show. With a history dating back to 1883, Washburn produced more guitars in the USA than all its major competitors combined until 1942; becoming a brand synonymous with the roots of today’s popular music. Washburn’s legacy of creating world class instruments accessible for working class musicians still rings true today, with many of the biggest names in folk, rock, and blues selecting Washburn their guitar of choice.

Musical Merchandisers’ Creative and Marketing Manager Craig Wilson is excited about the company’s new arrangement with Washburn and we asked him why they picked up the brand.
“Number one is the heritage and nostalgia associated with the name” said Craig. “Very few brands can boast that kind of history, and it’s a name that guitar players around the world are all familiar with. We weren’t actively looking to get back into the acoustic market to be honest, and we didn’t want to bring in a guitar brand just for the sake of it. Secondly, we really wanted a brand that was moving in the right direction, and one that had a unique story to tell that we could really get behind. There’s been plenty of buzz recently about Washburn in the major markets around the world, and we knew they were doing some amazing things, so when the opportunity came our way, it was definitely one we were not going to pass up on.

We also have a tremendous amount of respect and a long-standing relationship with Washburn’s new head designer Jonathon Lee, who will be flying out to join us on our stand at the MGS. Over the years I’ve met many guys who live and breathe guitars, but Jon without a doubt is the runaway winner! He’s a walking talking guitar encyclopedia if there ever was one.”

Jonathan Lee will present a session called “The History of American Guitar Making”, along with acclaimed Australian guitarist Kirk Lorange. This will take place in the Winners Circle Workshop Room on level one at 11.30am on Saturday August 5th. It will be a great opportunity to learn about the Washburn guitar company and hear a selection of Washburn instruments played by one of our finest guitarists. Kirk can also be seen in an Up Close & Personal session at 3pm on the Saturday at Cafe Corner on ground level.



In regard to Washburn guitars on display on stand A16-A17 on level one, Craig tells us you’ll be able to see the new Heritage and Woodline series guitars, which created a lot of interest at the NAMM Show earlier this year. “At the moment we are bringing in 14 models,” Craig told us. “No ply-tops, just solid tops. Pricing starts at $499, going up to $799 for the top models with EQs. As far as shapes go, we’ve got standard dreads, OM’s, Grand Auditoriums, some folk and a really nice jumbo. There’s also a 1930’s throwback ‘Revival’ model with all solid woods with torrified top and bracing at $1499 which is an absolute gem. We have had a fantastic response so far from dealers around the country and definitely plan to increase the range in the near future.”

Washburn guitars distributed in Australia by Musical Merchandisers

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