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About the Exhibitor:
Roderick is based in the east of Melbourne, each instrument he creates is is crafted by hand with absolute attention to detail. Using Australian and imported tone woods, he specialises in acoustic arch top guitars and mandolins and caters for the discerning musician who is very particular with regard to the tone, responsiveness, feel and playability of the instrument. His commitment to both the aesthetic and sonic quality of each instrument, combined with his love of creating them, means that hundreds of hours are spent on creating each instrument— resulting in only two builds per year

MGS Highlights:
Returning to the Melbourne Guitar Show again this year Octigan Guitars will present four superbly crafted arch top instruments including, a jazz model arched mandolin, an acoustic oval hole full body 16 inch arch top guitar, a 17 inch acoustic electric classic burst cutaway jazz guitar, and a 16 inch florentine electric hollow body. all these instruments will have prices reduced specially for this years show.

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