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About the Exhibitor:
Vox Amplification is a company with a rich history of providing sound solutions for every type of guitarist. Since the late 50s Vox has powered the sounds of rock bands with its iconic AC amps setting the standard in valve-driven guitar tone. Today Vox continues to innovate to provide great sound and value across all levels, from headphone amps you can fit in your pocket through to the powerful new AC30 one-twelve, along with the cutting-edge NuTube amps there is something for everyone at Vox.

MGS Highlights:
The Vox stand will feature a full range of all product lines for you to see, touch and hear in person. Our newest VX series of lightweight portable amps along with our AC range and Nutube amps will all be on hand for you to really get stuck into and put tone to the test.

Facebook URL:
Twitter Handle: @VOXamps
Instagram Address: @voxamplification

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