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About the Exhibitor:
Since 1966, Yamaha’s dedication to quality, value, and innovation has seen Yamaha guitars grow into one of the most dominant global brands. Always evolving and striving for perfection, Yamaha’s latest electric guitars such as the Revstar series highlight Yamaha’s evolution in making amazing sounding and reliable workhorse products for today’s guitarists.
Line 6 continues to set the standard in new guitar technology. With wide-ranging tone built into and expandable amps for beginners through to the Helix multi-FX range for the most advanced setups, Line 6 is always on the cutting edge.

MGS Highlights:
The Yamaha / Line 6 stand will feature a full range of electric guitars and amps so you can get up close and personal, and you can demo the gear discreetly with headphones or crank it up through an amp. We will feature new Revstar models, and a full range of Helix products, plus a sneak preview of our latest new release products.

Facebook URL:
Twitter Handle: @yamahamusicau
Instagram Address: @yamahamusicau

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