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Ben appears on Saturday August 3rd at 4pm on the Exclusively Acoustic stage at 4pm

Ben Kelly spends 8-9 months of each year touring and sharing his music with the world as well as releasing albums each year worldwide. His music is difficult to pigeon-hole as his musical stylings come from across many genres including Latin America, Spanish Guitar, African inspired rhythms, eastern influenced melodies, and the all inspiring driving factor of creating music and situations for the betterment of mandkind. Ben Believes that being a musical artist holds great spiritual responsibility. Sighting the likes of John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley and there associates as the most influential artists of our time and drawing influence and inspiration from there stories. Ben’s mission is to create music that uplifts and heals. Music that speaks to the heart the mind and the body in an entirety. Music for the betterment of mankind.
Ben is one of Australia’s most eclectic, original and inspiring artists. Spending 9 months a year touring and release live and studio albums every year. Ben is the band leader at LOTUS FEET too.

Ben plays Cole Clark Guitars and wears Pixie King Clothing.

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