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Catch Michael Dolce masterclass on Saturday August 3 at 1pm at Cafe Corner, ground floor

Michael will also join Brett Kingman on Sunday August 4 at 10.30 to present a Fractal Audio showcase in the Winners Circle Workshop room

Throughout a long and successful career, Michael Dolce has established himself as a session guitarist by playing and recording for many Top 10 national and international artists. This includes countless appearances on TV shows such as Sunrise, The Today Show , The Kerri Anne Show, Rove ,The Morning show, MTV ,Video Hits, Live at the Basement, The Disney Channel, The Teen Choice awards , Nickelodeon Awards, Australian Idol with the house band and also special guest performances with various artists, Live at the Chapel and Max Sessions.

He has also appeared on various live recordings and DVDs with Delta Goodrem, Deni Hines and Mica Paris.

His touring experience and recording credits include, Marvin Priest (Musical Director), Delta Goodrem, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Ricki-Lee, Jessica Mauboy, Paulini, Cosima Devito, Brian Macfadden, Deni Hines, The Young Divas, Dean Geyer, Casey Donavan, Anthony Callea, Bardot, Popstars, Jade Macrae, Jeremy Gregory, Amiel and S2S. His international credits include Roachford, Mica Paris and Rahsaan Patterson.

Michael currently is endorsing Charles Cilia Guitars, Bogner amps, Takamine Acoustics, Xotic Pedals, Vox Tonelabs and Colossal cables. In August 2008 Michael was featured in Guitar Player USA magazine as ‘Editors Top 8 MySpace players’. He has also appeared in countless endorsement advertisements in various magazine.

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