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Paul and Julian appear on Saturday August 3rd at 11.00am on the Exclusively Acoustic stage

The Journey so far…

Paul and Julian play contemporary music specifically for the guitar and their music derives from their perspective as two Australian composers. Paul and Julian’s performance is full of light, heat, melancholy and romance and it’s this that has always caught the ears of their listeners. This music brings the brilliance of global guitar music right to your front door.

Paul and Julian’s first musical meeting was in June 2010 in Glora, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since then a true musical and personal friendship has developed. The project was realised on a hot night, far from home, in Paul’s adopted kitchen over a bottle of cachaça, and hours of crazy guitar duels. Since that night, the festive sounds of South America can always be heard through their music and never fail to excite their festival audiences.

United after this great journey, Paul and Julian set out on a mission to write specifically for the duo and expand the rich history of the guitar by contributing many new works to Australia’s diverse guitar scene. Over the pursuing years many tunes were written and a number of albums have been recorded and released, including Ao, Meu Lado, Streets of the World and two solo albums, Paul Carey and Una Guitarra Solamente .

Paul and Julian will soon be releasing their third studio album as a duo, which will include a collection of their most recent compositions. In this current project the duo has has expanded the horizons of 21st century guitar by drawing on contemporary Australian song writers and classics from a wide range of styles.

For both Paul and Julian, making music with someone who is equally as passionate about playing the guitar is a gift in itself. Playing music is all about trying to find those golden moments where the music and the experience become greater than the sum of its parts. It is an amazing thing to become aware of the opportunity for dialogue and friendship between musicians, through performing fiery live shows, but the one thing that makes it all worth it is that connection with the audience, that moment where we are in it together and the music is king.

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